1. Wake up early
Studies have shown that people who wake up early are able to utilise their day more effectively.
Most successful people are early birds. If you’re a night owl, try waking up early for one day, and
see the difference for yourself.

2. Set up a morning routine
The key to being more productive Is setting up a morning schedule for yourself that you follow
every day. Yes, every day! There’s something to do for everyone. You can solve crosswords or
sudoku, indulge in exercise or yoga, or even read a book. Doing meditation in the morning is
known to be very satisfying.

3. Exercise daily
Isn’t that what your physical education teacher always told you? Exercise helps your body as well
as your mind: it keeps you mentally fit, and physically fit.

4. Find a hobby
Everyone has a hobby, and if you don’t yet, then find one. It can be anything- gardening, cooking,
painting, dancing, etc. After you know which hobby is ‘the one’ (pun intended), then try to indulge
yourself in it. It would do miracles for you. Following our hobbies lets us connect with something
we truly love, and gives us sheer joy.

5. Don’t skip breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As they say- eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch
like a prince, and eat dinner like a beggar.

6. Revisit your goals
Reminding yourself of you goals helps you focus on what you truly want, and thus helps you work
accordingly. Repeat your goals in your head daily before sleeping.

7. Plan the next day beforehand
If you plan your day in advance, you save yourself from utter chaos in the morning. It keeps you
relieved because you already know what you’ll be doing.

8. Eat healthy food
Environmental problems are on a rise, and consequently health problems are also increasing.
Virulent maladies like cancer and tuberculosis are engulfing our world slowing, but surely. While
we should take steps to protect the environment, we should also take steps to protect our inside
environment by eating the right food.

9. Connect with friends and family
As time passes, it becomes hard to stay in touch with your family and friends. However, it Is
essential that you keep in touch with them. Even a five minute phone call on regular intervals can
work magic on your relationship.

10. Be positive
It is very important to stay optimistic no matter what happens. Positivity can help you overcome
situations which you earlier thought you could never survive.


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